8. Foundation Drawing

Taught Once
University of Cincinnati
Fall 2016

Most of the growth in this class will took place through self-motivated exploration, guided by prompts and parameters suggested by the instructor. We presented the concept that the only way to get better at drawing is to draw a lot, and then to draw more.This semester, the student explored a wide range of observational drawings, as well as studies after select master drawings. All of the drawings the student produced in the studio will go into a Portfolio of Drawings.

Manipulating Scale:
The student was asked to select a tool to study and communicate through a technical drawing. In an effort to mix up the drawing curriculum I introduced the concept of scale when communicating a technical object. Students were able to realize that communicating a detailed object to scale looked accurate however when scaling up and down certain components were lost. While it is difficult to see in these pictures, students created shrinky dinks of their tools to compare to their large format drawing. Each drawing of their tool communicated a different message about the tool itself.  

Teaching Reflections: Teaching this course made me realize how out of touch I had become with my own observational drawing practice. I chose not to teach this course again generally because I believe in the fantasy and expressionist approach to drawing and had a difficult time teaching observational accuracy. I understand the fundamental importance of learning to draw in this way but I don’t feel as if I am the right educator for a course like this. 

Foundation Drawing Syllabus