4. What Are You Going To Wear

What Are You Going To Wear 2017
Presented at Anytime Department 

“We are currently seeking to fill the position of “underpaid part time cognitive laborer.” This position is an essential role to the department. Core job responsibilities include but are not limited to; supporting the mission of the department, representing the department, exuding professionalism at all levels and a dedication to excellence in the the user experience, communication, collaboration and coordination.

—Applicants for this position are required to have an unspecified level of experience in the field and have a demonstrated capacity for navigating precariousness.

—Successful applicants will have an intuitive comprehension of workplace dynamics and how physical and behavioral presentation affects the client experience.”

In the collection, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR” artist, designer and educator, Kaley Madden asks questions about the limitations and expectations of “professionalism” in the workplace. Combining generic notions of professional dress with the varsity aesthetic, Madden is talking about the collision that is expected between dressing the part and being asked to be proud of it.