3. Sketchbook / Process

Process Work Through the Years

I am obsessive. I collect. I reflect. I archive.

I am drawn to the act of creation for the sake of learning. Learning more about the world around me, documenting the world around me and reflecting on the world around me. 

The stack of notebooks with colored tags sticking out of them are from my masters degree where my mind exploded with information. At the end of my program I went through all of my sketchbooks and tabbed each significant page according to the category it fit within. The categories were Reflection, Analysis, External Feedback, Interventions and Emotional Breakthroughs. Each tab was given a coordinate and plotted on a timeline that extended from when I started these notebooks to when i finished them. The vertical axis intersecting the timeline was a scale of metacognition. 

This is a map I developed to outline my academic research interests for a full time tenure track position I was a final candidate for. Through the process of going through the emotional trauma of an academic tenure track search I have stepped back from academia to focus on work that attempts to bring access to the arts to underserved communities.